April 4, 2013

kindred spirits and coffee

a few weekends ago, i spent a happy friday evening with one of the sweetest friends i know. i am so blessed to have her in my life. it has been a pure joy adventuring through the last 4 years together and watching her and i move into new and exciting season of life. she is a kindred spirit, one of my most bosom friends (to quote anne shirley). 

it's practically inevitable that every coffee date together will also turn into a little photoshoot - thanks em, for always being such a willing and patient model. you know i just can't resist coffee, cameras, and gorgeous girlfriends like you! and if you guys haven't been to the greenhouse yet, you totally should. but be warned, it's about as hipster as coffeeshops get in long beach. 

and then the tables turned...thanks for capturing these, emily!

just a fair warning y'all, if you're going to go on a coffee date with me, you can't drink anything until i take a picture of it first - sorry, but i'm not sorry.

have a happy thursday, friends - and for real, let's go get coffee soon =)