April 15, 2013

a european happymoon / munich, part two

before we visited munich in the snow, we snuck in a day at the very beginning of our trip - a cold, wintery, and magical day. the charm of the old city buildings is incomparable. there is so much history within the walls of the stores and the stones on the street. the architecture, the detail, the design - you just can't find things like that in the U.S. 

then there was that one time, my feet led us straight to starbucks. Travis and i are avid starbucks lovers, and we have a collection of starbucks mugs from all of the countries we've visited - so we had to find a Munich starbucks. we were walking down the side streets, when i spotted that glorious green sign from a kilometer away. that latte was to die for in the 30 degree weather. 

all of these photos remind me of such wonderful memories - i think that's the beauty of photographs, you know? they aren't only images, they are mementos of days past. i am still so grateful for the opportunity Travis and i had to soak in those two weeks together. we are truly blessed. 

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