April 11, 2013

one hundred twenty two

i would text this to you, but i feel like blogging it instead. and i almost put it on Facebook, but then we'd be ridiculed for being too cute and gross, and wait, are we really that happy? ;] 

you just made my morning, like literally right now. it's 7:51am, and i should be starting my philosophy of teaching paper, but instead, you're coming over early for a morning together. any morning that starts with, what could yours truly bring you for breakfast today? is definitely a good, good morning. how do you know what i always need, before i even know myself? an hour of quiet with you to start what would otherwise maybe be an overwhelming day sounds like a little slice of heaven. 

that's probably one of the things in marriage that i'm most excited about - to start almost every morning with you next to me, to drink coffee together and prepare for the day ahead, to pray together before one of us walks out the door, and to start every day on the same page. these little morning dates we get now are just a tease! 

1 comment:

  1. *puts finger in mouth gagging*

    hahah just kidding! Your man is so sweet and you guys are so cute! So happy that you two have each other!