April 18, 2013

senior // erin marie

good morning, lovelies! it's an early morning over here today, but there's nothing better than getting a headstart on the day, right? especially when it's almost Friday...except that when you're a senior in college and finals are only 3 weeks away, weekends mean more time to study and finish up major projects...but that's ok! graduation, i see you! 

speaking of graduation, a few weeks ago i met the beautiful Erin for her graduation portrait session. ever since we started e-mailing, i knew this girl was going to be a joy to work with. right off the bat, she had a stunning location in mind and a few little crafts up her sleeve to personalize her session. then she showed up in these fabulous outfits, and i just knew these photos were going to ROCK. and what's even better is that i can call Erin not only a dream client, but now, also a friend. 

Erin, thank you so much for entrusting me to capture these special images of you, for your continuous support, and for making this day SO fun - i appreciate it! =)

 how adorable is this DIY banner? i just loved incorporating all of these fun crafts into Erin's photos!

 the day we can both see 'i'm done!' is going to be the sweetest taste of victory. Erin, i wish you ALL the best in the exciting journey that lies ahead of you! =)

and yes, a jillion photos later, this blog post is done too. 

happy thursday!

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  1. Debbie, these photos are so great!!
    And this girl is gorgeous!