June 18, 2012

please & thank you

where do people get it in their heads that everything is free and that you have all the time in the world to do little such favors here and there for them?

excuse the vent, and before you get offended, note: this doesn't have to do with any person in particular. it's just the result of multiple recent occasions.

maybe it's the artist in me coming out sceaming hey! what we do takes a lot of time, energy, and resources, ok?

it's also a reminder to myself to appreciate favors and the time people give you - by assuming that you'll somehow reimburse them, or by taking the time to write a thank you card. there are always 2 sides to every story.

this is also not one of those cynical 'nothing in this world is free anymore/everything comes with strings attached' vents either. nope. it just comes down to simple common courtesy - gratitude, appreciation, and understanding.

you get what you give. you reap what you sow. those who always take, take, take will pretty soon run their kind friends dry. it's all about the give and the take. and for those of you who feel walked over and burnt out, i would strongly encourage you to set some boundaries, put your foot down, and take care of yourself. you've been created with strength and dignity.

June 15, 2012

graduation bound // melanie

last month, i had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this young lady. we had such a blast at the Huntington Beach Equestrian Center, and let me tell you - she is a natural in front of the camera! i have to say that these were my favorite photos to work with so far, mainly because the setting and the 'look' totally speaks to me. i loved everything about it. 

i have recently been reading Elizabeth Messina's book The Luminous Portrait and i have learned so much about using natural light - my world has been rocked. since mel's shoot, i have tried new techniques, and i'm excited to share those photos as well! 


June 9, 2012


justice has been on my mind today. i've been reading a book titled Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere, and it has stirred me and moved me. the book is addressed specifically to women - our role, our purpose, and our call as daughters of the Most High. that's something we often forget, don't you think? that we are daughters of a King, created in His image - strong, yet gentle and fierce, yet compassionate. i would encourage each of you to pick up the book and read it, or at least listen to Lisa Bevere speak. she is empowering.

but empowerment calls for action. our strength is for service. our abilities demand use. those are areas where i still struggle. i feel, i hurt, i sympathize - but what do i do?

tonight, as i was kissing Travis good night, i suddenly thought of all those women, all those girls who do not know the love of a good man. women and girls who only know fear and abuse. i love to give Travis kisses, to hug him, and to hold his hand. but what about those sisters of ours who have no choice? those who physical closeness is forced upon. i suddenly imagined those precious things being taken from me, against my will. i imagined myself overpowered by a man and forced to give him things i longed to save. and my heart broke. i told Travis that i am so thankful that he is a good and respectful man. i told him that i am sad for girls who are disrespected, misused, and mistreated. and i told him that i was grateful that the Lord spared me from such a life - because it is only by His grace. there is nothing that makes me better than those young women. nothing that entitles me to this life as opposed to theirs. absolutely nothing but God's provision and grace. i thought of girls my age, girls like me, who live in fear and are riddled in insecurity. those who don't know the deep, healing love of God. those who don't know His strength and His power. those who live powerless and afraid. and then i thought of young girls, babies, who have absolutely nothing by which to resist the life, the conditions, the men forced upon them. and my heart shattered. and i got angry.

angry at the world - at it's ugliness and injustice, it's evil and darkness. as i type this, i can feel tears welling up in my eyes.

as daughters of the King, we are called to reflect Him in all we do - to bring good, and not just stay away from bad. we are not to avoid darkness, but to shine light into the darkness. we are to be defenders of the weak, liberators of the oppressed. Christ brought freedom. as Christians, as Christ-followers, so should we.

mingled with my anger and pain, there is also frustration - how do i bring light? how do i bring good? how do i set people free? how do i reflect Christ in a world drowning in suffering?