March 11, 2015


A typical day in the life of a first-year teacher and wife of an executive looks a little bit like this sometimes.

5:30 Wake up
6:30 Down your coffee + enjoy the morning commute
7:15 Review lesson plans, pick up the classroom, and pray
8:00-3:00 Teach 7th grade students, not just history, but how to greet, how to praise, how to take a risk, how to organize, how to thank, how to be responsible, how to respect others, how to respect themselves.
3:00 Email parents, log behavior issues + student concerns, grade papers, enter grades, fix grades, make copies, plan tomorrow's lesson (real life), and tie up loose ends
5:00 Wind down during that 1 hour commute home
PM: Switch out the teacher dress for a cocktail dress, throw on a pair of heels, touch up hair and make up, zip out the door, walk into a banquet, find your husband, kiss your husband, smile + shake hands, zip home, throw on PJs, go over tomorrow's lesson plan, collapse into bed, steal a kiss good night...

And all the while, between the 12 hour work days and the seeing my husband for maybe an hour a day (maybe) and the lack of sleep and the 150 tweenagers I get to call mine, I just think "God's got us." Because He does. He always does. And that's my last thought before I fall asleep and my first thought when I wake up. We are exactly where He needs us, and there's no greater purpose, no greater joy, than walking right in His will.