April 9, 2013

one hundred twenty four

last night, we learned that some people see us and shake their heads and think, 'are they really that happy all the time?' when our friend told us that, we laughed and said, 'yes, we really are!' and you know what, babe? i really am that happy with you.

the last seven hundred and something days of togetherness have only made me more and more sure that you are the man God had been preparing for me all along.

yes, we butt heads sometimes. in the last 3 weeks, we really butted heads. we were disconnected, we weren't on the same page, our communication had somehow drowned under life's madness and the overwhelming busy-ness. but we fought fairly, in love and in truth, and it made us better, stronger. i am so thankful that you aren't afraid to call me out when i need to hear it, and i am grateful for your humility - your willingness to be better together, to stick it out no matter what. there is no one i would rather tackle life's thicks with. no one brings me greater joy.

one hundred and twenty four days til we are husband and wife. but i think it's the day after, 125 days from now, that i'm even more excited for. the morning i wake up, and you're there, and we're living in the reality of the most sacred and lasting bond we'll ever know. i love you, sweet husband-to-be.

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