November 15, 2012

sweet family // the foster family

guys, i cannot even begin to tell you how i excited i was about this shoot. Scott, Erica, and their sweet baby girl have become really special people to T and i in the last year, and i am so grateful for their friendship, encouragement, and support in our life. next to Jesus, they have probably helped us grow the most in the last year, and every minute of it has rocked my socks off. 

when Erica asked me to shoot their family photos, my little self got so so so excited. like, so excited. when they showed up at the park, the first words out of their mouths were, 'we're really not good picture takers.' 

oh, please.

i am seriously over the moon about these images. what a fun, fun afternoon we had! 

when baby Claire woke up, she was ALL smiles for dad - what a delight! p.s. these were the first 'father-daughter' photos these two took - THAT makes me happy!

oh this girl, she is the sweetest. 

thank you, foster family, for being such a delight and joy to work with! 

November 10, 2012

sweet family // the douglas family

the way my path crossed with this darling family is pretty unique, and i'm so thankful it happened! about 2 years ago, i was on a mission trip in mexico with my mom and sister, where we met Brian, who only lives about 10 minutes away from me! his family also happened to need a new baby sitter at the time, and i'm so glad i was able to meet that need, because their 2 little kids (now 3) are the absolute cutest. 

this entire family is SUCH a blessing to be around, and i'm so glad that we were able to reconnect again during this shoot - can't you just see their joy? every time around them, i can't help but think, 'i want to be JUST like them when i grow up!' they are a beautiful example of what a healthy, happy marriage and family look like.

leave them some love, and have a happy weekend!! 

November 8, 2012

senior // rachel hatten

GUYS! it rained this morning! that has absolutely nothing to do with these beautiful photos, but for us southern californians who've been suffering with stupid heat waves, hearing the rain pound on the roof at 5am this morning instantly brightened my day. but i digress...

last weekend, i had the VERY fun opportunity to take rachel's senior photos - and i LOVED it. this girl was so effortless in front of the camera and seriously worked it, for the entire time. we both had a SUCH blast! 

she is such a sweet young lady (who just got her license - watch out world ;]) and it was a joy to capture this special moment for her before she graduates and begins her next adventure in college! 

happy thursday, friends!