April 13, 2013

oma and opa's home sweet home

today i'm sharing a few snapshots of my grandparent's home in germany. unlike many people who can just drive down the road to visit grandma and grandpa, my oma and opa are a 12 hour plane flight away, so we only get to visit them every few years. in some ways though i think that makes our time together even more precious. rather than only seeing each other for a few hours here and an evening there, we spend at least 2 weeks sharing life together. we eat every meal together, say good morning and good night, and make a million memories to tide us over til the next visit. 

in january, Travis and i spent two magical weeks with my grandparents. the last time i had visited them was almost three years ago - in other words, way too long. still, i remembered every nook and cranny of their home, and i loved showing Travis all the special places that i remembered as a child. secretly, my grandparents loved watching me bounce around the halls, remembering where the chocolates were hidden and where my siblings and i would play together in the basement.

one morning, i snuck around and captured a few pictures - keepsakes to always remember this home away from home by.

have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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