April 30, 2013

a european happymoon / rauris, austria

welcome to rauris, austria - a tiny picturesque mountain town nestled right in the heart of the Austrian alps. 

 in the winter, life is breathed into rauris as tourists from all over the world, especially europe, flock to the alps for the most scenic and thrilling ski/snowboarding vacations. rauris is also my sister's home. after she graduated high school, she flew to europe and spent the winter working at a local ski resort. there she also met her boyfriend, and rauris is now home to her. after over a year of hearing all about her new life, it was so exciting to finally experience it in person. after a morning of the best snowboarding of our life, Travis, Kim and I bundled up and walked through the little town.  we have never been cold and so enchanted at the same. lucky for you, you get to 'see' austria without getting frostbite - enjoy: 

 -5 degrees celsius, like below zero freezing. i'm surprised our california bodies just didn't shut down altogether!

yes, this is real life. doesn't this look like it's the front of a christmas card? places like this do exist, people! =)

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