September 30, 2011

sisters in Christ

i have a million blogs forming in my head, but before i get to glowing oceans and baking for firemen, this comes first.

this semester, Erin & i have taken the women's side of our college ministry under our wing, and it has been so fun! i think that especially at this time in our lives, it is so huge to be built into as women, to build connections with each other and mentors who can guide us and give us wisdom. there are so many decisions, so many roads to take, and so much confusion; i firmly believe God gave us a 'family' away from home, or wherever we are, to help us in those choices and walk alongside us through these shaping years.

our first meet up in september was such a blessing. we ate, we talked, we laughed, we learned, and God totally showed up.




i am so looking forward to our next meet-up in just a few weeks. i'm so thankful for these women and their beautiful hearts, our mentors and their willingness to build into us, and the opportunity to grow together over the next few months (& maybe even years).

September 29, 2011


today, i'm thankful for unconditional love. love that loves even when you don't deserve it. love that loves when you're being hurtful or selfish. love that doesn't give up.

i'm thankful for a love that breaks down your walls and pursues you. i'm thankful for a love that tells you when you're wrong, a love that knows how to be firm, but still kind and gentle. a love that lets you start pillow fights and use the 'you can't beat me up, i'm a girl' card to end it. a love that does your dishes, sits next to you while you do homework, and loves taking pictures together. a love that randomly writes love notes, is always encouraging, and surprises you when you least expect it. a creative love, a love that gives you time and energy and a listening ear. a love that always points things back to Christ and always strives to do better.

i'm thankful for love based on more than just feelings, a love modeled after God love. love that loves through imperfection, loves more because of them. love that makes me laugh, smile, and do a happy dance. love that has dance parties and belts songs out of tune and unashamed. love that tries new things, is loud and crazy, and yet quiet and gentle.

i'm simply thankful for love.

September 28, 2011


once upon a time, a girl & a boy celebrated 7 months of happy 'togetherness.' though t & i aren't religious 'celebrate every month' kind of people, this month, i wanted to do something for him. unfortunately, life happened and our plans didn't quite work out (raincheck rock climbing!), and so i spur of the moment thought of the fondue dipping set that's been sitting in my kitchen cupboard for ages - chocolate covered marshallows? how could you go wrong?!

i was pouring over foodgawker all day trying to find the simplest fondue recipe, and this is what i found - & it worked:

6 oz. baking chocolate (or chocolate chips - semi-sweet/dark/your choice)
1/4 whipping cream

place both ingredients in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds / stir / continue heating at 15 second intervals, stirring after every interval. all together, it shouldn't take you longer than 2 or 3 minutes until the chocolate is creamy and smooth - just keep stirring!

we invited over some of our dearest 'couple' friends jesse & kelly (an incredible artist - check her out!), and enjoyed a night in. luscious chocolate, marshmallows, strawberries, graham crackers, and cheesecake awaited us.

JUST as i had finished taking pictures of our scrumptious spread, BANG! i turned around, and there lay the bowl in perfect halves and chocolate everywhere:

instantly, we all started laughing, and quickly dug in before the chocolate oozed all over the table. and so our classy affair turned into quite the mess - oh, but it was memorable.

more importantly, i now need a new fondue set.

the end.

September 26, 2011

new new new!

new look, new title, new gadgets, new blog - hello updates!

what a perfect start to this new week. 

the end.

September 25, 2011


every year, at the beginning of the school year, my church dedicates the teachers and staff of our K-8 school. just last night, i was talking to T and mentioned how uninspired i was about my career as a teacher. evaluating that now, i attribute most of that to the fact that in my last few semesters, my focus has been on 'history,' not on teaching. earning my BA in history is just a gateway to becoming a high school teacher, and this morning, i was reminded to keep my eye on the prize.

teachers are so. in. spiring. i've always known that i wanted to choose a career where i could interact with people, build into their lives, and hopefully, just maybe, make some kind of impact. as a teacher, i can't wait for opportunities to build relationships with my students, be an example and inspiration like my teachers were to me, & make some kind of eternal impression.

all that to say, this morning provided the inspiration i needed to push ahead in school. i have SO many other interests, and many of them don't require a degree, but the opportunity to teach is a privilege (as much teachers struggle financially). i can't wait to start working in the educational field a little more, and one day having a class of my own. i just have to get through the 11 historical novels i've been assigned this semester first...eesh. Link

September 24, 2011


i am SO tired - 'sitting here in front of the computer with my eyes half open' kind of tired - & yet, my soul is so refreshed after the past 18 hours. challenged, but refreshed.

the last 18 hours were spent retreat-ing with the leadership staff of the pursuit college group, and it was fantastic. it's not often that you get to spend a big chunk of time with friends, and being all together, in one place, without distractions or homework, was incredibly refreshing. the night started off with a team-building adventure - rock climbing! the last time i went was in the 6th grade i think, so i was a little nervous, but let me tell you - we had a blast. unfortunately, i was too afraid of misplacing/breaking my camera, so i left it in the car, but just trust me, the night was full of fun/frustration/reward/& rope burn.

last night we spent a good few hours analyzing the college ministry with something called a S.W.O.T. analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats. we could have spent more than the 2 1/2 hours we did discussing the group and all its aspects, but in the few hours we had, we were able to gather a thorough overview of our group. these last 6 months have shown so much growth and improvement, and for once, we feel like we're all back on track. i know that all glory goes to God for that and i am just so thankful for the fruit that's been shown so far.

this morning was spent in quiet time 'resting' with our Lord. this verse is always something i come back to; that proverbs 31 woman is a true inspiration.

a walk up signal hill, journaling, reflection, listening to some phil wickham, taking pictures, and praying seriously started this morning off right - & look at this shot i captured! i know 'flower' photos are so overrated, but i just love something about this one. thank you to photog friends who can teach me the ways of shutter speed, aperture, & ISO. so many fun things to play with!

of course, my weekend wouldn't have been complete without this man by my side. i love that we get to serve together, grow together, and do [almost] everything as a team. and that he's the most patient person when it comes to me paparrazi-ing him with my camera.

September 23, 2011


every tuesday, after both being at school all day, the boy and i go all homey and enjoy a night-in together. this past tuesday, i found a fun new recipe through foodgawker and tried out a BBQ chicken pizza on whole-wheat naan bread (after a very fun trip to trader joe's, officially my new grocer - cheap & healthy!). our verdict? delicious.

as much as we love adventures, quiet nights in are also so valuable, and last week, after browsing through our laptops and uncovering as many embarrassing old videos and pictures we could find, we know each other even better. believe me, we were coolest brace-faced kids.

in order to avoid 'stress' at all costs this semester, our night ended with a full-blown homework party, and to top off an already fun night, the boy offered to clean up the kitchen for me while i did some reading - i am the luckiest. is it just a girl thing, or is there really nothing greater than seeing a man in your kitchen, washing dishes, cleaning up, and letting you sit on the couch and snap pictures of him? it. was. great.

i am so grateful for the gift love is - God's plans blow my mind.

and i love this man.


new ideas & inspirations!

first post in over 2 months - what happened?!

this semester, i seriously want to revamp certain parts of my life, and try some new things as well.

#1 : do at least one, if not more, DIY crafts - like these fun fabric rosettes. i'm obsessed.

#2: blog stalk & be inspired. there are so many talented creatives out there, & their work makes me smile! p.s. if you're looking for [another] time-waster, check out weddinggawker, craftgawker, dwelling gawker, and foodgawker! weddings, home design, DIY crafts, and delicious new recipes - could i ask for more?

#3: play around with my new SLR like no one's business - AND most importantly, pursue photography more intentionally. stalk other photographers, seek tips/lessons, and assail everyone i know with some camera lovin. they will hate me for it.

#4: revamp this blog. i want it to be filled not only with my thoughts, but memories of my days. whether it's photography, lessons learned, bragging about those i love, or spreading awareness, this is going to be a place where i can look back at my favorite memories and always recognize what a truly blessed and lucky girl i am! and the title is changing too...still working on it.

#5: start a book of wedding ideas. calm down, i'm NOT planning my wedding yet, but when i get there, i want to be a little prepared - themes, dresses, colors, decor, photo ideas - you know, all those girly/wedding things i love so much. AND if maybe maybe in my life to come i'm a wedding photographer, i need to be in on the wedding world too, right? right.

that's all. and before i head out for a fun night of ROCK CLIMBING and spending time with the leadership staff, i'm going to lose myself in looking for a new blog look.