April 7, 2013

refreshed & restored

we spent the last few days up north, relishing the stolen moments we had with my family. every weekend we spend in northern california is just never long enough...we can't wait for the day we call northern california home and just visit long beach. 

the last 3 weeks or so had been incredibly nuts for us. i was (and still am) busy writing my thesis, staying on top of school work, scheduling photoshoots, preparing for our Good Friday service, submitting my 2 weeks notice at work, and juggling all the other 'life' things that never fail to come up. the busy-ness and the stress left me feeling disconnected and drained from my other half. i am all about quality time, and though sweet words, thoughtful gifts, and cuddles definitely speak to me, there is always something missing if T and i haven't gone out and done what we love to do together - usually that means spending time outdoors, just the two of us, finding some new adventure...

so, by the time spring break arrived and we were counting down the days til our trip to northern california, i just couldn't wait anymore. the weekend was refreshing and restoring, and just the medicine the love doctor ordered for my tired heart. 

long walks in the rolling foothills (with a bajillion stops for photos, sorry), an evening around the fire with my brother and sister-in-law at their new house (which is just down the road from my mom's house - so awesome), some quiet time in our favorite coffee shop, wedding planning, a dinner date at our favorite norcal spot, window shopping, and plenty of time to talk and catch up...those are the little moments that mean the world to me. 

thank you, babe, for being so sensitive to what i need, for being willing to spend endless days with me doing the things we love to do. thank you for your friendship, for doing life together...have i told you that i seriously can't wait to marry you? every day, i get more and more excited! 

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  1. You guys are so stinking adorable..I can't even take it.