May 1, 2013

engagement photos // a starbucks date

a few weeks ago, T and i had our engagement photos taken, and i am so excited to share them today! 

if there are a few things you should know about us, one of them is that we love coffee, and we love going on coffee shop dates together. so, i thought it'd be appropriate to start our afternoon at our local starbucks. we stop by this place almost every day a couple times a week, and the baristas have become friends to us. it's a little awesome ridiculous, seriously. these might be some of my favorite photos, because they're just so us. the silly-ness, the fun, the little moments in between. and the constant cup of coffee in my hand.

they say pictures are worth a thousand words - the glances and the uncontainable smiles in these photos? they say more than i ever could with words. 

a huge thank you to our sweet friend, Jordan Lewis, for capturing these. you guys should definitely check out her new site and like her Facebook page!


  1. SO CUTE!
    And it's so YOU. I love it.

  2. awwwww these are so cute and fuuuun!!! love them.