January 13, 2012


once upon a time, i woke up and left my house to find a parking ticket on my windshield. merry christmas.

then i was driving to T's house and an old lady cut me off and i was literally within an inch of my life, or the hospital.

after that wonderful start to my morning, T taught me how to change my oil, which was definitely a fun success!

i met up with miss emily for a delicious lunch date at crema, where we talked about life, the future, patience, trusting God, and then took photos of each other - of course.

that evening, t and i had invited our friends over for dinner, & i was so excited to try out a new recipe for them. last week, i had made a lemon-cream sauce with chicken that sent T over the moon, and believe me, it was absolutely delicious. but for some reason, last night ended on the same note my day had started on:

the sauce was overly lemoned and too runny
the chicken i baked was as dry as chalk.
and to top it all off...
i burnt the pasta.

who does that?! never in my life have i burnt pasta before, but i blame it on my pot...it was second hand, and the bottom was charred by the end of the whole smoke-alarm/open all the windows/fan the door ordeal.

so, the pot went into the trash, we pigged out on garlic bread, and headed over to yogurtland for dessert. most importantly, the company was wonderful and our evening was filled with uplifting conversation (well, for the girls at least. the boys discovered an old computer game and were cheering and yelling in front of the screen until 11pm...boys ;]).

and this morning, it's time to pack for a quick trip to vegas to watch my best friend's brother get married!

really, nothing about this was incredibly profound or deep, i just thought you might enjoy knowing that bad days happen to me too, from parking tickets to burnt linguine. at the end of it all though, life is about loving people and loving God (and really good food, sometimes).

much love dear readers!

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