January 10, 2012

bridal shower-ing

as i was recapping our week in norcal, i skipped wednesday because well, wednesday was a day of all days. from dress fittings in the morning, to baking cake pops and setting up for the bridal shower, and then hosting all evening, the day was jam-packed from the moment i woke up.

half of me was so excited to plan, organize, and host the shower. my selfish half, however, was a little bummed that this big day fell right in the middle of our very relaxing trip. it was the one day that i was running around all day and would have absolutely no time to spend with T. then again, wednesday made me realize that i am dating the most patient, supportive, and easy-going man on the planet. he made the day a breeze for me, and i could not love him more for that.

i'll let the pictures do most of the talking, but despite a lot of the stress and drama surrounding the shower, it was an honor for me to celebrate my best friend. she will make one beautiful, beautiful bride, and one fantastic wife. today marks the 'one month' date, and i'm starting to get the wedding jitters! everything is becoming extremely real. i'm having wedding nightmares, more like M.O.H. nightmares and writing lists of things i still have to do (hello, speech!). i'm starting to picture her in her dress, walking down the aisle, saying 'i do' and leaving a married woman. i remember dreaming about this day with her years and years ago, when we'd have play dates and watch The Parent Trap together, or when we thought we were total hot stuff as we caked our faces in make-up and sang along to shania twain in our oh so epic music videos. and now here we are, in our twenties, on the verge of the biggest moments in our lives. and, here we are, still best friends after having gone through thick and thin. i'm so grateful that i'll be there, standing next to her, sharing every moment of that special day. and now i'm starting to get weepy...

here are the pictures from the bridal shower! not all of them were taken by me, but i did all of the editing and compiling...what a fun morning it was bringing these photos to life...

the shower was wonderful, but my favorite part of the night? going over to my best friend's house, with some of our best girlfriends and our guys, eating burgers, and laughing the night away...so much has changed, and yet God is taking us onto wonderful new paths...


  1. You're such a good friend, Deb. I hope that one day you can do this for me!

    1. i can't wait to do the same for you!!!