January 16, 2012

wedding nightmares

i have had three wedding nightmares in the last month, and i'm not even getting married! it's getting to the point of ridiculous, and they're so bizarre i thought i'd jot them down. maybe you'll get a laugh out of it ;]

#1: in real life, my best friend asked me to schedule nail appts for the bridal party, and that night i dreamt that i had forgotten to, and the day was chaos! not the worst dream ever, but that's how it all started.

#2: a few days before my best friend's brother got married, which was just this past saturday, i had the weirdest dream ever. it was a mesh between my best friend (les)'s wedding and her brothers. i was the maid of honor, but her sister in law was the bride. and somehow, i was wearing the wrong dress (blue instead of fuschia - ew), managed to find the right dress in my purse right before the ceremony started, changed quickly, and walked onto the stage (instead of down the aisle...i'm telling you, it's weird), and realized that i had forgotten to put my shoes on! thankfully, the dresses magically lengthened on stage to cover my bare toes, but then i looked up to realize that the bridal party wasn't holding bouquets, we were holding styrofoam cups! styrofoam cups - where did that come from?

#3: last night's dream was by far the most realistic and the most upsetting, because this time, it was about my wedding (which is not happening yet, p.s.). somehow, a dance recital where we all forgot the steps, my best high school friends, and a foreign exchange student were all thrown into the pot, as well as my mom, les' college friend, and a mish mash of over random friends. first, my friend marissa had moved into a gigantic house, and from there, a group of us were strolling down the street, and suddenly we were in this old mom & pop shop, getting ready for our weddings. here's the kicker, three of us were getting married on the same day. i remember that my ceremony was at 1:40, and les' friend was getting married shortly before.

this is where the nightmare begins.

i went to the closet, more like the storage closet in the old store, and discovered my dress was black - BLACK! i didn't remember trying it on, didn't remember choosing it, but there it was, and it was mine. i started putting it on, only to realize that it was one of those dresses that came with a million different pieces and options...

i could wear a black sparkly dress that didn't quite touch the floor, cover it and wear a gray jersey dress, or a white velvet dress. how ugly is all of that?! anyway, i finally decided on the white (because who gets married in gray or black?!) and started doing my hair. which i realized i hadn't dyed or cut, and looked just like my everyday plain old hair. the clock was ticking, it was 12:45. i had no idea where my bridal party was, who the photographer was, much less if we had even hired one, and was so distracted with the two other weddings happening that day, that i couldn't even remember planning any of mine.

then i woke up.

and now i'm afraid to ever get married.

then again, i vividly remember constantly dream-reminding myself that the wedding day is just a day. what mattered most was who i was marrying, and why i was marrying him. and in regards to him? there wasn't a doubt in my mind that he was the one.

maybe that was the point of all the madness, to remember what's truly important.

then again, this whole morning is off-kilter now. and i'm deathly afraid of wearing a black dress down the aisle, holding a styrofoam cup.

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