January 4, 2012

norcal vacation-ing: day 1

today's the day to catch up on photo editing! here are a few snapshots from our vacation up in norcal. on monday, the boys went out on the deck to play around with josh's new airsoft gun. T was so excited, he just had to bring his pellet gun along as well. i love that these 2 get on so well. it's so important for josh to have men to look up to, and simon and T do a great job providing the role models joshua needs. i'm so excited to see what kind of wonderful man he's going to become. his little heart already loves God deeply, and he is always trying new things and making new friends. he is truly such a gift to our family. it's amazing how God takes away, but he also gives abundantly. 

that night, T and i went to el dorado hills to enjoy a delicious dinner at Pete's (thanks to Simon and Ash!). we had spent the afternoon shopping - our first shopping trip ever! - and it was SO successful (thank you post-christmas sales). T has been looking so fly since then. merry christmas to me ;] the food was delicious, the beer was great (according to T, of course), and the company, well, it's always the best!

sheer delight...the saints were playing ;]
i adore him.

what a happy vacation...don't worry - it gets even better!

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