January 30, 2012

just two best friends adventuring...

last friday, T and i headed up to ontario to spend a whole day with his wonderful wonderful grandparents. it may sound weird to you, two twenty-something's choosing to spend their day off with 'elderly' people, but really, it turned into such a fun and wonderful day!

i love old people. i love their stories, their experiences, and their wisdom. papa and grandma beth have been married for 65 years, love the Lord with a fiery passion, and are a ball of fun. the most beautiful thing about love is that it opens your world...how could i not have known these two a year ago? they are so precious, and there's no other way travis and i would have wanted to spend our day...well, plus a little adventuring - that made it perfect!

after a delicious, creamy lunch of chalupas, lots of laughing about the 'brethren and the sisteren,' stories of love and the old days, and catching up about school and future plans, the 2 of us headed out to explore a little because 'deb, i don't know if you've looked at a map, but ontario is right next to the mountains' [wink, wink, hint, hint]

so off we went, with no idea where we were actually going, just mountain-direction...and we stumbled upon some awesome stuff.

our driving conversation went a little bit like this:

t: 'i guess we could go east, right? i mean, it might take a few extra minutes but it would be an adventure!'
d: 'sure...it wouldn't hurt to check it out!'
t: 'i mean, that's what we're doing right? exploring a little.'
d: 'let's do it.'
t: 'i love you.'

and that's how we make decisions. it's extremely effective.

on a cheesier note, over the last few days, just one thought has been running through my mind - 'i'm dating my very best friend, and i'm wildly in love with him.' does it really get any better than that? no. definitely not. he makes me laugh every day, he takes me out of my comfort zone, he buys me flowers just because the ones on my table are dying, he lets me drive his car (i LOVE driving the big car), and i know i'm loved every single day. even after a year, i still feel like we just started dating...cue big cheesy smile and happy sigh.

here are a few snapshots of our wonderful day. off-road trails, creeks, and muddy puddles make us smile. he has his car, i have my camera, and we are one happy pair...f'reals.

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