January 28, 2012

pistols, rifles, & shotguns

last week, our friend michael took hilary, T, & i out to the shooting range, and boy did we have fun!

i had shot a little 22-rifle when i was younger, but a handgun? never. secretly, i was so glad hil came along too, because being the only girl on a manly date like that might have been a little intimidating. but you know what? by the end of the day i was the intimidating one! on my first round, i blew everyone away (mentally, not physically ;]) and letmetellyou...i am quite the sharpshooter.

i'll let the pictures speak for themselves...these are some of the best images i've ever created (well, at least i think so), and i loved processing them and recollecting such a fun, adventurous day.

here you go:

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