January 1, 2011

{one. one. one one.}

...or {two. oh. one. one.}...

hello new year's day, how i love you. a fresh start. sleeping in. family time. & rain.

about a week ago, i determined to come into the new year with nothing on the to-do list, no bills to pay, and no baggage from 2010. all was going well. to-do list? well, there are something things that could only be completed in january...so, oh well. no bills to pay? check. but i'm broke. hello holiday season. no baggage? all was well, until unforeseen circumstances blew up my NYE. & as much as i would like to let it just go, & forgive & forget, i am a little bit upset & i'd like to just give some people a piece of my mind. but alas, so is life.

as for the 2011 bucket list? it must be revised...but right now my head is not screwed on & i can't keep my thoughts straight, so i'll save that for next time. but seriously? i can't wait for all this year has to hold.

p.s. new year on the blog archive? tripping me out a little bit.

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