January 10, 2011

.a PiCtUrE a day.

we love girl time, boy talk, take out, family dinners, movie nights, disneyland adventures, crying on each other's shoulders, laughing uncontrollably, working together, having parties, & sharing birthdays. oh & p.s. we're pretty sweet roomies.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I still look like a sick little dog, I know that's negative but it was my first thought

    2. I feel honored bc I think this one is about me! yay!

    3. I need to see this pic in both its edited and unedited form so that I might get it printed for our photo frame that has sat vacant for 6 months now

    4. I hear you tossing and turning in your room right now while I study...err.. "study"....sleep well! and DISNeyLAND today!

    -- <3 ;)