January 13, 2011

pianos falling from the sky.

there is this blogger i'm a little crazy about. click here and check him out.

today i read this & stole it from him because it echoes the same thing i think day in and day out. as much as my heart desires for each person to see God in everything, for Him to receive all the glory, for someone to see a sunset and realize God's hand painted it, to look at the stars and see that God placed them, to feel the wind and know that God moved it, i'm guilty of often forgetting all those wonders myself.

"What if you spent all day, weeks even, working on a surprise for your spouse or your girlfriend; your best friend? Spending hours putting together something you knew without a doubt they were going to love. You went out of your way, inconvenienced your life, just to make them smile when they walked through the door. The moment comes, everything is ready, and they just walk by, oblivious. How devastated would you be? How bad would that hurt if your efforts went unnoticed? Again and again?

How do you think God feels with every sunset we ignore, every rainbow we walk under, the eclipses we miss because there was something better on TV, the flowers growing on the side of the road, the colors of the leaves, the shades of yellow and orange and red spilled across the sky, the constellations we’ve forgotten the names of, yet He does these things again and again, every. single. day, without waver, hoping beyond hope that maybe tomorrow, just maybe, you’ll notice."

today i wasted a beautiful afternoon...though i guiltily reveled in the hour of mindless television & additional hour of ruthless facebook stalking, i ended it feeling absolutely pointless. & outside God had blessed us with a spectacular day. i'm not perfect, [i hate to break it to you, but you aren't either], and i hope that today was step 1 in learning to make the most of every single day.

so max, thanks for reminding me & being my piano falling from the sky.