December 29, 2010

a heart to heart with a dear friend.

{the blog got a facelift again...i know, i need to stop. take it as a sign of my indecisiveness.}

high expectations lead to easier disappointments. or at least so i've found.

is it a flaw to expect the most of people? to long for them to be all they can be?

i find myself often "fixing" people, and though i know that God has created each person uniquely and individually, i think that oftentimes people themselves don't see that. this life is not meant to be lived selfishly, but in constant awareness of those around us. what a scary place it would be if we all did as we pleased.

a part of me can't wait for heaven. i'm excited for all the adventure this life still has to hold, but when i get to heaven? oh what a beautiful day that will be. no tears. no fears. no jealousy. no insecurity. no pain. no suffering. no envy. no restlessness. no disappointment. no struggle. only love.

but for now, this world is full of all those things, and not enough for ourselves, love for each other, love for God.

more than anything, it breaks my heart to see people sell themselves short. every heart holds so much potential, every life so much beauty. and yet, we can't see it in ourselves.

{& yes, this was inspired by a 2 hour coffee chat...hence the struggle to condense it into a simple post.}

in other news, it's time to attempt ice skating least i will be surrounded by these beautiful ladies:

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