January 25, 2011


hey world. enter my spastic mind.

- first day of school outfits are SO overrated.

- cal state needs to create a bike line. walkers are ob-liv-i-ous.

- i am taking 5 upper-division classes, an honors class, & 3 capstones. shoot me, shake me, say your good-byes.

- 2 of my classes are in the same rooms i had last semester...interesting.

- tonight, i had my first class in LA1...that building always mystified me...now i know, it's pretty cool.

- in the past 3 months i've taken laundry home, couch surfed, & officially taken a night class. college-esque i think?

- college professors clearly don't collaborate with each other, because there is NO way i can read 8 novels & text readings. i'm going to officially die.

- speaking of, a few of my resolutions have been challenged in the past month: stay on top of class readings, don't avoid confrontation, go to bed at a reasonable hour, & more. goodness, it's only january...

- the verse "charm is deceptive & beauty is fleeting" has been rolling through my mind...what's on the inside is worth so much more.

- i have a serious blog coming up, i promise...but as of right now, i'm losing my mind. plain & simple.

wish me luck as i go down in a blaze of glory this spring.

oh and p.s. teacher crushes never get old. hello noah calhoun in. the. flesh.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha tooooo good. #1 pedestrians just add more fun to riding through cal state. (extra points for scaring them) #2 im ready for your next blog #3 good luck with the books #4 i have the solution to all your problems: become a Rec major :)