January 8, 2011

remember the footsteps, remember the words said.

do you ever wonder what it is that shaped you into the person you are today? i do.

at age 6, i would have never guessed i'd be living in southern california, be completely OCD, love photography, have a baby brother, & be fatherless yet deeply know the love of the greatest Father of all.

at age 6, i was the middle child of 3, lived in Scotland, played pretend teacher in my room with my dolls, & was a curly headed rambler. i guess some things haven't changed.

it's funny how much you take with you from your past. i was always headstrong and bossy. still the same, though i've learned some precious lessons to counter it. i loved talking. i loved being a girly girl. and i loved adventure. but life has thrown curveballs.

i'm now 19, the second oldest of 5, have 2 homes, & am studying to become a real teacher.

i'm thankful for every bit of it. who knew i'd meet all these people, and leave others behind? to all reading...your story is unique & incredible. i love looking at people and considering where they came from. there are so many things we don't know about each other, things we reserve for those closest to us, those who shared our past with us. but in everything, we fondly savor the past, and boldly press on to the future. who knows what life will look like when i'm 29...

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  1. This is why I became a human development major.

    You are great Debbie, I love you.