January 24, 2011

a day in the life

at last that dreadful day arrived--time to leave the josie house...

...but not without a few roomie adventures first.

hello panera:

nerd glasses:

the shiz glasses:

and my glasses which decided to go all harry potter on me:

after a million too many bread-y carbs & pounds of yogurtland, good-byes were said, & the 10 minute trek down palo verde began. after a few trips up the stairs, sweet hellos & reunions, an entirely too wild floor meeting, a thorough music swap with manda bear, and unpacking to my heart's content, all was back to normal...& the shenanigans with these 2 beautiful girls started again:

what a bittersweet day it was. in all seriousness, i am so thankful for beautiful sisters in Christ, friends with loving advice & kind hearts, and constant opportunities to build God-honoring friendships.

{hey spring 2011? let's kick some butt}

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