January 5, 2011

.a PiCtUrE a day.

though it may seem a little cruel & insensitive to declare this the picture of the day, it was the absolute best discovery of today...of the year in fact.

the funny part is the story behind it. just picture 2 silly college girls driving, spotting this, chucking some crazy u-turn moves, and whipping into the wienerschnitzel parking lot to catch a closer glimpse of this home on wheels, literally. a quick snapshot & then it was throwing the car into reverse before we got shot. so is life in the lbc hood.

what's not funny is the reality of the picture, but in a way, it's inspiring. a symbol of hope, of rolling with the punches, & making the best of any situation...& of using creativity and innovation to just "make it work" (complete with a flashing brake light & a spray bottle of cleaner).

dear man, sorry for taking a picture of your home...an invasion of privacy perhaps, but you are the coolest bum i have ever encountered. & now you're famous.


  1. I have passed by him frequently when walking to or from school. I always wonder where he's going and where he is coming from.

    I don't know if you actually saw him but he is probably in his 70s and walks hunched over while pulling this cart behind him collecting things along the way.

    I wish I knew his story