January 8, 2014

the holidays in instagram

whew, did anyone else feel like we just whipped through the holidays and were hurled right into the new year? december is just one big blur to me, but thankfully, my iphone was there to capture little moments that i might have otherwise forgotten. 

it was our first christmas together, and though not everything went like we had planned or maybe wanted it to, it was nevertheless magical. there is so much joy in decorating your home for the holidays together, walking around Naples & Torrance to see the christmas lights, snuggling in for endless holiday movies (i feel like i didn't watch enough and am tempted to keep watching them through January ;]), and listening to every christmas song at least a dozen times throughout the month. most of all, i was reminded of how deeply deeply blessed we are. even when things feel rough, we still have food to eat, time to be together, a roof over our heads, and family and friends we love. 

top left, clockwise: jen hatmaker is my jam. seriously, grab her books; my DIY christmas wreath!; i LOVED receiving so many holiday cards from my clients this year! it brightens my heart to see touch and feel these images; that one time my husband came home from work with this gorgeous bouquet in his hands (husband points, am i right?)
top right, clockwise: we might not have a backyard, but we have a backstep and a little greenway so hey, why not eat lunch outside on a sunny december day?!; wrapping up the semester with projects, finals, and coffee; we strung these lights in our bedroom for kicks, and i swear they are not coming down now - we love 'em!; my last day of BLAST - what a truly awesome experience! 
top right, clockwise: mornings are my favorite; a solo sunday at church; our best friends rachel & ryan came to visit after christmas and it was THE BEST. we adore those two and are so grateful for them; oh just jen, messing up my life again in ridiculously good ways.
top right, clockwise: driving home to visit the family for christmas; the american river and old town folsom gave us a beautiful afternoon date, where we also scouted out some apartments and places to move this fall - we're excited! 
top right, clockwise: we received some of the cutest ornaments for christmas! we can't wait to add them to our tree next year; strolling around Naples (one of our favorite holiday dates); strolling through folsom; we loved our christmas tree this year - that it was standing by the front window made it even better! 
that one time the common head cold visited our house for over a week. we have never eaten so much chicken noodle soup (home made, delish), watched as many episodes of LOST (addicting), or spent that much time on the couch before. needless to say, NYE was almost non-existent and new year's day was nothing but resting and staying home. but, nothing made me happier than having that guy by my side, no matter how congested and sneezy we were! 
top right, clockwise: mornings; headed out to date night in the midst of a nightmare work week - Travis was scheduled for almost 100 hours in 9 days straight, and has been working non-stop. it's been really rough and has taken away so much of his free time (literally, we wake up, he goes to work, he comes home, and we go to bed), but we made the most of this sunday night with a movie (GO SEE WALTER MITTY), pieology, and drinks (i've never ordered a drink at a bar before, so this was way fun to do together!); more gorgeous flowers that i picked out and T bought for me on our date night; BLACKFISH: watch this eye-opening documentary and think twice about enjoying Seaworld or any animal entertainment show. why are so foolish to try and tame God's powerful and intelligent creatures? heartbreaking and mindblowing.
 here's to a productive first week of the new year! 


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