January 14, 2014

pose for me: emily // newport beach lifestyle portraits

this winter break, i've been focusing a lot on my business and my art - creating systems, getting organized, completing tasks, and then shooting for fun, educating myself, and trying new things. i've been trying to slow down during a shoot to notice the details, think creatively, and step outside of my safe zone. it's been a treat to have the time and space to invest in photography in so many different ways, and i hope to always learn and grow more! 

in other news,  this girl should get an award for always modeling so beautifully in front of my camera. 

aren't these colors just so dreamy?! 

and then em asked me to step in front of her lens...i am not half the model she is, but hey, i can drink coffee and laugh like no one's business! 

thanks for these shots, Em! 

wishing you all a week full of purpose and productivity! xo. 

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