January 16, 2014

our wedding story: part two // guys & gals, and the best friends we could ask for!

there is nothing like being a bride. it's the day you've always dreamed of, the day you've pinned your heart out over (am i right?), and the day you thought might never come. 
and then it's there, all of a sudden. and in a flash it's over. throughout our entire wedding day i tried so hard to be present. i wanted to remember everything. all the feelings, the people, the little in-betweens that made it unforgettable. i prayed that God would give me a calm and joyful heart where i could simply bask in the love of our friends and family and delight in His faithfulness. and He answered. i soaked in every minute and will forever treasure the memories. 

my dearest friend rachel - little did i know that this woman would just sneak into my life and become such a close soul sister. her and her husband have been a part of travis and my relationship since day one. literally, since one of the very first dates. since then, she has been a constant companion as travis and i navigated dating, our engagement, and now our marriage. she is full of wisdom and truth. she poured out so selflessly during our engagement and absolutely spoiled me. i will forever cherish having her by my side during this exciting time!

hey bestest bestest friend - this girl and i started dreaming about our one day husbands and our one day weddings eons ago. it was absolutely ridiculous, i'll admit, but together we navigated junior high, high school, distance during college, her new relationship with her now-husband, and the very beginnings of travis & i. she will always, always be in my heart. she can make me laugh like none other. she has shown me what it means to be compassionate, patient, and soft-hearted. she has demonstrated incredible faithfulness and selflessness throughout her own difficult chapters in life. and our hearts will always be tightly knit together. 

what a gift it is to share your wedding day with your sisters! i could not have been prouder to have kimmy & jody standing next to me, knowing that they are full of endless love and support for Travis and i. we might butt heads sometimes and we definitely have the most opposite personalities in the world, but deep down, there's a love that will never lessen. i am so so so proud of these two and so excited to see what life holds for them in the future. and i'm so thankful that we get to travel it all together, no matter how far apart we live! 

oh jordie lou - from an 8th grade field trip to the emotional rollercoaster ride of high school, through the soul-searching of college, and the highs and lows of life, this girl has always been close to my heart! she is so genuine and hilarious, and she greatly encouraged me in my faith throughout high school. it's from her that i learned to pray for my husband before i knew who he was, surrender my heart's desires to God, and deeply pursue Jesus. she's my michael buble lover, an incredible artist, and a creative spirit. 

after being in a few weddings myself, it was important to me that my bridesmaids were not stressed, financially-burdened, or overwhelmed during the wedding planning. i wanted them to express their personalities and wear what they loved, so they each chose their own dress & shoes (and i loved the results!). i didn't have any expectations or rules - i just wanted them to show up and cover our day in love. and they spoiled us. i could not be surrounded by more genuine, sweet, and incredible women! 

mmm that handsome groom. what a dreamboat. 

the two men in my life - aren't they dashing?! 

these guys are absolutely solid. they were the other half of our team, and they gave so much of themselves to be a part of our wedding day. 

Travis gifted each guy a unique tie to wear, and my mother-in-law handmade each boutonniere - aren't they a handsome bunch? 

tomorrow i'll be sharing about our venue and all the DIY details that went into making our wedding day handcrafted and truly special! 

wedding gown: W1 Barcelona
bouquets: Elementals
boutonnieres: DIY 
suits: Friar Tux

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