January 27, 2014

our wedding story: part six // the grand finale!

let's be real, behind your screens you probably all look like these ladies with your hands up in the air, because i've finally reached the END of our wedding story! (hopefully not, but i just love this photo of my best friend's mom and mine - aren't they the most precious thing?) 

let's back up. if we're being honest, the reception is probably the part of the day that you invest the most planning & money into. hopefully, you've also invested seriously into your marriage, which then finally takes root during the ceremony. but the reception is all about the food, the fun, the music, and the love. we are so glad so many friends & family could celebrate and dance the night away with us...it was truly THE BEST. 

rachel & my sisters gave the sweetest speeches i've ever heard. i was so blessed by their words of encouragement and affirmation! 

i'm also so glad that we had the time to walk around and hug our guests! though we weren't able to make it to every table, it was a wonderful way to thank them and personally connect despite all the flurry and excitement of the day. these people have all been influential in our relationship, in some big or small way, and we would not be where we are or who we are without them. 

BAHAHA see that fat cold sore on my lip?! again, proof that not everything about our wedding was perfect. i remember waking up with that monster just a few days before the wedding, and all i could do was laugh. those dang things always show up at the worst moments (like my senior yearbook photo, the first day of school...you know, little things). i usually take them as a warning sign: stop stressing, deb. like, now. and then smear toothpaste all over it praying it'll disappear. but i was a bride with a cold sore (windex anyone?!) and it wasn't the end of the world. laugh life in the face sometimes, put a little lipstick on, and party on, friends. 

THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD / THE SWEETEST PEOPLE / FRIENDS I WISH LIVED CLOSER SO WE COULD ACTUALLY GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER EVEN BETTER! i adore Jillian and James and still love telling the story of how our paths crossed. they made the most important part of our wedding day (the photographs) a reality, and i will never forget their generosity, kindness, and overall awesomeness. 

cheers to a wonderful weekend, friends!

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