January 23, 2014

our wedding story: part five // a bride & her groom

the best thing about this photo (besides how dreamy it is), is that it was taken literally seconds after the ceremony and we didn't even know it was happening - it was just a moment of hugging and celebrating and embracing, and it all felt as magical as it looks. and that's how the rest of the evening felt. 

grab a cup of coffee and kick back, because there are lots of photos in this post, but they're some of my favorite, mostly for the moments they capture: the adoration and love on my groom's face (for which I will always be grateful), the laughter and joy between our best friends, the pure delight these two newlyweds found, and still find, in each other. i'll let Jillian Zamora's gorgeous work do all the story-telling today. 

tomorrow is the GRAND FINALE (i promise!) and we'll end this all dancing & partying the night away...xo. 

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