January 15, 2014

our wedding story: part one // getting ready

this past weekend marked our 5 month anniversary - 5 months since the most magical day of our lives. i've wanted to share our wedding photos for a while now & finally got around to choosing our favorites and organizing them! all of the photo credit goes to our incredible wedding photography duo, Jillian & James Zamora. the night before our wedding day, they were shooting another wedding in texas, and hopped on a plane the next morning! when they arrived in long beach on sunday morning, they literally stepped off the plane, drove over to the salon, and geared up for another full day of shooting - talk about the most hard-working and dedicated people on the planet. besides marrying Travis Lane, i was also so excited to finally hug and meet these two after months of talking online! it's like we had known each other forever...their presence just made our day even more special, along with all of the other vendors and friends who worked tirelessly to make this day all we had ever dreamed it would be. we are forever grateful! 

the girls and i started the day with wedding starbucks (of course) and then a trip to the hair salon, before all the make-up and dressing madness started at our little apartment. it was absolutely perfect. 

this picture is one of my favorites - all of my favorite women, in one place, primping, pampering, feeding and hydrating me, laughing, and filling the air with glitter and butterflies!

i went into our wedding day expecting at least ONE thing to go wrong, and this moment was the first. 

deb, we can't get it closed.
no seriously. 
did they alter this correctly?! 
breathe in. MORE. 

 i have never seen women pull and squeeze and stretch something so tightly, but we muscled our way through. and then i couldn't breathe for the rest of the day. 

and this next moment is the sigh of relief when everything snapped into place. 

tomorrow i'll be sharing photos of our incredible bridesmaids and groomsmen. these best friends of ours made our day ten thousand times more special! 

dress: W1 Barcelona
hairstylist: Jordan at George Oliveri 
make up artist: Brianna Middleton 

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