January 2, 2014

january goals

all this talk about a fresh start in 2014 is so inspiring - don't you think?! i love the new-ness of the new year, the opportunity to reflect, dream, and make changes. in addition to creating a list of 2014 dreams & do's, i'm also going to try and set monthly goals in order to keep me on track throughout the year. most of all, i want to use my time intentionally, live a life that reflects Jesus, and work on my relationships and friendships with others. that last one is definitely dear to my heart. so many people have told me that the post-graduate life is almost disappointing in a way, and i tend to agree - so many things change in ways you didn't expect. your college friends move away, start new jobs, enter into new relationships, and it seems like there isn't much to connect you anymore - does that make sense? i seriously struggled in my friendships during this past year, with many of my closest girls moving far away. i'm a quality over quantity girl, and i really only need one person to pour my heart out to, one person with whom i have a deep quality friendship with. though Travis is hands-down my closest and truest friend, he ain't a girlfriend if you-know-what-i-mean, and we've both recognized that it is important to have other close friendships, including each other. so i'm praying hard for a woman who i can connect with, who makes me think about things differently, who asks the tough questions, and who encourages me through rough times - and she must love coffee. it almost feels like dating again sometimes - pursuing people, feeling out whether you click or not. but at the same time, God has always brought the right people into my life exactly when i needed them - in fact, before i even knew i needed them. so i'm trusting Him to do the same for both T and i this coming year. all that to say, i'm going to try and schedule regular coffee dates with friends, to show up and be present, and to invest in those around me. 

end of long thought process. 

remember how i had a list of end-of-the-year goals? well, then the common cold decided to visit this house and in the past week we've had more chicken noodle soup, watched more episodes of LOST, and have spent more time on the couch doing nothing than ever before. i'm praying we're on the tail end of this because i'm ready to get back to bizzzness! 

speaking of business, here are my January goals - i'm looking forward to seeing what i can accomplish in the next four weeks! 

// submit substitute applications
// clean wedding dress
// print thank you photos for vendors
// make care packages for the homeless
// pray about joining/creating a small group
// host a game night/worship night
// go home to see Baby Emma (& take newborn photos)
// organize 2013 photos and back it all up
// create a realistic schedule for the spring semester: office hours, work, errands/chores, school/HW
// sell moped and Xterra and bring the motorcycle down! 
// shoot two sessions
// begin our devotional through the Gospels
// eat more dinners at the table instead of on the couch, watching TV

have you guys set any goals? i'd love to hear them! 


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