June 19, 2013

two months

we're only two months away from the best day ever - well, even less than that actually. i just can't believe how quickly time is flying by. with every passing day, i get more and more impatient - you would slap me if you knew how many times a day i ask travis, can we please get married now?! and then, sometimes, i remember he's leaving in just over 2 weeks for 23 days, and the sadness creeps in. but God is preparing him for China, needs Him there, and i am excited for the challenge, excited to see what good things God will do. 

the last month has been out-of-this-world nuts. but this last week, things have slowed down - almost too much for my liking. my jobs now include homemaker/housewife, wedding planner, and photographer. i am home almost every day, all day - busy, but at home. after 3 years of doing work outside of the home, in an environment i often didn't like, this change is quite the switch. but it's also challenging me to use my time wisely (something i don't always do well), to rest when i can (because the good Lord didn't intend for us to wear ourselves down all day every day), and to grow in initiative and motivation. it's all good. 

after the crazy move into the apartment, it was time to go furniture shopping. before then, i never knew there was such a think as too much IKEA in a person's life, but believe me, there is. and i am cured of any IKEA withdrawals for the next year, at least. now it's the slow process of decorating and accessorizing. i am trying desperately to be patient and create a home with love and thought, not out of impatience or a need for immediate satisfaction. T and i promised each other we'd work on it together, so i am waiting as best as i can. 

in wedding news, things are finally happening - we have updates, people! there were probably at least 2 months where whenever someone asked how the wedding was coming i had absolutely nothing new to share - it was that much on the back-burner and my life was yes, that crazy. but in the last few weeks - things have start to unfold, and our creative brains are firing away, which is seriously great, considering we only have 53 days - FIFTY-THREE! praise the good Lord. 

on monday, i finally got to see my dress again after four grueling months. talk about serious withdrawals. but i put it on again, and it was even better than i remember - absolutely everything i could hope for. i can't wait to twirl and swish around in it for our entire wedding day - it is the most beautiful thing i have ever worn. and i can't WAIT for travis to see it. 

ordering envelopes, ordering invitations, addressing envelopes (my pen is out of ink), going over the guest list, contacting caterers, planning the rehearsal, writing lists, and lists, and lists, meeting with our coordinator, contacting all the vendors, and brainstorming DIY projects has consumed my life, and i'm totally ok with it. i can't wait for this day to be a reality. yet, it really still is just one day. after attending our friends' beautiful outdoor wedding this past weekend, i was reminded of that - months and months of planning end so suddenly, in the blink of an eye it seems. and the most important thing is that you're married, that you had community and family there to witness your union and celebrate, and that you enjoyed every single minute. the details? they'll fall into place. when i picture our wedding day, i just imagine being by his side, in his presence, overwhelmed with joy, smiling until my cheeks fall off, laughing out of sheer happiness, because that's how he makes me feel - always - and the rest of the world just slips away. 

i remember thinking that i would never tire of our engagement, but at this point, i am so ready to start the next chapter, to move out of this transition and on toward an inseparable life as one, forever. 

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  1. It was hard for me when I realized that I was growing tired of being engaged. I wanted to get past all the wedding planning and just start our lives together. But in that process, God really taught me how to slow down and take it all in.