June 27, 2013

senior // lindsay

dear world, meet the greatest roommate and sweetest friend of all time. this girl absolutely made my sophomore year of college, and i am so glad that we 'happened' to find each other online and choose to live with each other. you could not find a more talented and lovely young lady. in light of her college graduation (in only three years - THREE!), Lindsay asked me to take a few photos of her before she begins her next great adventure - hello, north carolina. 

i saved this last image for the end, because it so perfectly expresses Lindsay's heart and the path she is walking - a road of complete surrender and trust in the Father. just looking at it gives me chills, for it perfectly reflects her willing and humble heart, to go wherever He would send her - today, that means moving across the country to start fresh and pursue life & love.  
 lindsay, thank you for the joy of meeting you and knowing you and calling you friend. i am going to miss you, but am so excited for all that lies ahead of you - and if you ever need some photos again for anything exciting in the near future (;]), you know who to call...

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