June 7, 2013

a new home

it has been the craziest week i've had in a long time. a displaced, all-over-the-place, emotionally heavy, transitional week. i have packed boxes, stored boxes, moved boxes, unpacked boxes, built furniture, been to IKEA three times, scoured craig's list, almost hugged the gas and internet representatives, cried til there were no more tears, yelled at God, broken down before God, snapped at my fiance, laughed, not slept very well, sweat, and missed work. it all sounds so very dramatic, i know, but it has been rough and exciting all at the same time. i'm sitting at our new dining table though with my first cup of coffee in our new home sitting next to me, and things are finally feeling a little more put together. 

i want to take a minute to apologize if i've let anyone down in the last week, and i know that i definitely have. i've tried my best to keep it all together, but i'm human, not superwoman, and this last week reminded me of that. and i need Jesus, so very much. 

i had a Job-night on wednesday - that's what those nights always remind me of. those nights where you're fighting and things keep getting more difficult and you finally reach the end of your rope - and you get very real with God. He better come through on all His promises i said to Travis, in between all the tears. and in the last few weeks, we've kept reminding each other He has brought us this far. He won't set us up to fail. and that is the Truth. 

though our new apartment is by no means close to being finished, and won't be until after we're married and moved in together, the big things are here - a vase of flowers here and a little decor there make it seem a little less empty and a little more homey. the big homemade dinner i plan on making Travis tonight will definitely seal the deal - and let me tell you, he deserves it. i don't know what i'd do without him. don't remind me that he's leaving in less than a month for most of July, and won't be back until 13 days before our wedding. that's going to be an adventure, another trial and joy i pray the Lord carries us through. 

i, of course, busted out my camera for a few first peeks of our new place - and i can't wait to keep making these four walls into our cozy newlywed haven!

happy friday! 

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  1. transitions are crazy & we all need a good breakdown every once in a while! a woman can't keep all that estrogen in one place 24/7, ya know. I will be praying for your new life & new cozy place, that it will be a place used to glorify God! let me know if I can do anything besides pray :)

    and ps. coffee always makes everything better!!