June 18, 2013

emily // a girl date

in the midst of catching up, i realized i've neglected sharing current work - last week's coffee date/photo date with emily reminded me of just that. you've seen this girl's face on here a million times before, but that's because she just knows that when we say 'hey let's get together for coffee' we also mean 'and don't forget to bring your camera, because we're taking lots of photos!' 

after our scrumptious and overly trendy visit to portola coffee lab (em: i'm wearing my hot pink lipstick so i'll fit in), we ventured out into Costa Mesa for a little photo hike. despite my extreme dislike for June gloomy mornings, the clouds worked in our favor, and i love the results. 

hey girlfriend,
thank you for not drinking your coffee until i've taken a picture of it,
for letting me shoot you first, because i prefer being behind the camera (and you shine in front of it!),
for sharing your heart with me in such a real and genuine way,
for laughing together,
for making me feel hip in a way-too-hip for me coffee shop,
for talking about life, the pretty and the messy parts,
and for your faithful friendship over the last few years. 
you are so dear to me! 

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