June 20, 2013

a wedding weekend in the foothills

it's so wedding season right now, and last weekend, we celebrated the marriage of Jesse + Kelly. Jesse & T have been friends, since, i don't even know when, and Jesse & Kelly quickly befriended me after i moved down south and joined Bethany Church (thank you!). it has been a joy to watch their relationship grow and unfold over the last four years, and to see it all culminate in the most beautiful wedding day was so special. 

because T was in the wedding party, he drove up to Julian a day before me, giving my gal-pal Rachel and i a chance to explore this little foothill town on the morning of the wedding. 

everything about Julian reminds me of home - the big oak trees, the windy roads, the tall brown grass...it was so charming. we traipsed around the land of 'merica and apples, and ate sugared pastries to our hearts content (you have no idea how many times we had to say, no thank you, we'll pass on the pie. these people live and breathe apple pie, apple turnovers, apple donuts...).

 we poked around a few little shops with all of the niftiest trinkets and treasures you can imagine. 

 how charming is this? the church steeple poking over the tress, the mom and pop shops, the old historic buildings - i die. 

 then it was time for the wedding, and the entire event was so lovely, so "them." we loved all the personal touches, the authenticity Jesse + Kelly put into their day. it totally flew by, but it was absolutely perfect. 

 and one of the groomsmen in particular was pretty good-lookin too...

as we were cleaning and packing up after the grand exit, i saw THIS out of the corner of my eye and ran to the edge of the driveway to capture it. it was as if God was blessing such a significant day with the most outstanding sunset - His creation is so magnificent. 

tonight we're heading out on the road again, this time to northern california - i am so excited for a few days away with my best friend and time with my family! have a wonderful weekend, guys! 

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