June 25, 2013

countdown // forty-seven

hey you, 

we're getting married in 47 days, and as of today, i have 24 days of togetherness left with you before we become husband and wife - have i told you lately that i'm beyond excited? i'm pretty sure i said that at least 3 times yesterday, and maybe 7 times the day before. i just can't help it. 

thank you for a wonderful weekend at home. besides the throwing up/fever part, the chaos in the house, and the complete lack of quiet, it was still so good. thank you for always listening to what's on my heart, for never giving up on us when things are tough, and for always vowing to make it right again. thank you for understanding my need for quality time, for making it your priority as well. i want to treasure every moment of the next 12 days and hold on to those memories for the 23 days after that. they will be days of remembering you, praying for you, missing you, and eagerly anticipating your return home. 

our coffee date on sunday morning was the best moment during the weekend. i love talking about our life together, and i am so grateful that your heart seeks to follow Jesus first, no matter the cost. we're not destined for mediocre or average - we have both felt that pull in our heart for years. up to this point, we've spent our life as individuals, and in the last 2 years we've been individuals preparing for a life as one. it is my deepest hope and prayer that our together and forever life is one that brings magnificent glory to our King, that it is a testament of His power and purpose in our life. we are called to this, called to marriage. what a gift, that God delights in our love and created it for His glory. what a win-win. 

whether we adopt, serve in local organizations, lead others, go out onto the mission field, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, work in our careers, or raise a family, all of it will be for our good and for His. 

are you ready for this adventure? because i am so ready to begin it with you. 

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