June 3, 2013

baby blessings // arden + ryan

oh i just love baby bumps, and this maternity session with arden + ryan was so sweet i almost died. as these two lovebirds eagerly anticipated the arrival of their little girl, giddiness and excitement filled their every expression. 

dear world, meet the cutest baby bump. 

and the cutest parents-to-be...

the best part of this session was when arden + ryan dumped out these blocks and told me they wanted to spell out the baby's name - but no one else knew it yet. what?! you're going to tell me her name before the rest of the world knows? seriously, my excitement was a little bit out of control. that is one of the best things about being a photographer - you get to know little secrets before anyone else. what a privilege! 

arden + ryan, thank you so much for asking me to join you in this special moment - it was such a joy, and meeting little allison was an even greater joy! i look forward to the many exciting memories and moments that are still to come for your sweet family. 

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