December 2, 2011


T kindly observed last night that i haven't blogged in quite a while - i know. it's been forever. believe me, it's not because life has been boring, but because there's been SO much happening that i just can't keep up!

first of all, happy december! have i told you lately how much i love the holidays? unfortunately, this sunny socal weather isn't really putting me in the christmas mood yet, but i'm crazy about christmas songs and carols, holiday drinks & red cups, decorating, going shopping, making gifts, and spreading christmas cheer. it's truly the most wonderful time of the year! this year i upgraded from dorm decor and got to decorate my first apartment ever. SO fun! and since i'm totally a coupon fan now, i saved tons on all my new decor. it's a win-win situation.

i can't believe thanksgiving was only a week ago too! this year was a little different, but definitely worth it. instead of flying home like i usually do, i spent thanksgiving here in long beach with T's family. mom-bonding over preparation, cooking, and decorating was so fun, and the end result was spectacular! the food was delicious (but i never eat enough ;]), the company was wonderful, and i have so much to be thankful for. going home alone at the end of the night was by far my least favorite part of the day. there's nothing festive about a quiet, empty apartment, but that's part of growing up right? i'm so excited to be going home for christmas though, and so excited that T gets to come up and spend a week traipsing around norcal with me and the family! woohoo!

since we celebrated thanksgiving on wednesday, that meant we both had all of thursday off, so in typically t & d fashion, we went on an adventure and went SNOWBOARDING together. so super fun - & a little painful. we got up early and spent the morning taking cheesy scenic pictures and strolling around the most adorable little christmas town. we ate fudge and drank a cappuccino and window shopped and just relaxed before we hit the slopes. it was a perfect escape.

so many other fabulous things have been happening lately...but for now, it's time to enjoy a work free and school free friday! have a happy weekend friends!

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