December 22, 2011

a D.A.M.E. good christmastime

meet my girlfriends - emily, mel, & amanda. throw me in the mix and you have the d.a.m.e. girls.

our story is hilarious...God works in the most interesting ways. in 2008, while mel & i were still in high school, amanda & em roomed together at CSULB. a year later, mel & i met by chance on our first night in the dorm. at the time, she and amanda were rooming together. mel & i were both enrolled in the 49er choir, and it was there that we met emily (who, in case you forgot, was amanda's first roommate). the three of us became great friends in choir. at the same time, i started attending bethany church, where i met amanda for the first time. in march 2010, i started working at jamba juice, where amanda worked as well, and our friendship slowly grew. it wasn't until then that we put all the pieces together...that all 4 of us had met through different paths, but were all connected to each other somehow. in the winter of 2011, i roomed with amanda for a month, so that by the end of the story, amanda had roomed with each of one of us. and now, mel & i are case you were totally confused by that, the point of the story is that somehow, the Lord had stitched our paths together long ago...and now 2 1/2 years later, i can call all of these girls some of my best girlfriends.

God is a great provider, especially in friendship. i remember feeling so alone when my family dropped me off at CSULB. i didn't know a soul. but that night, i saw mel sitting on a step outside the dining hall, and something prompted me to introduce myself. now, we're not only roomies, but also true friends.

our gift exchange was so full of laughs and memories, and i'm so excited to see where the Lord will take each of us this next year. next christmas will look very different, but i know i'll still be surrounded by their warm and wonderful friendship!

and p.s. look at all the colorful bowls i scored! yay for new dishes!!!

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