December 21, 2011

lights lights lights!

in just about an hour, i'm heading to the airport (with a quick starbs detour with a dear friend), so before i leave, i'm trying to wrap up a few things - picture editing included!

this holiday season has been so wonderful, and one of my favorite traditions is looking at all the lights. the sleepy hollow neighborhood in torrance has some fantastic displays, and as T and i were strolling around, we heard carolers, watched neighbors gather together for parties, and saw a million happy kids gawking at all the lights. it was magical.

this is the first christmas i've ever shared with a boyfriend, and that just makes this season even better! there's something about the season that's just so romantic you know? whether it's snuggling in for a holiday movie, steaming mugs of tea or hot chocolate in hand, or walking around outside arm in arm all bundled up, it has just been so lovely. i can't wait for travis to come up north on christmas day and then we'll celebrate even the freezing freezing cold amongst friends and family. i'm so ecstatic.

here are a few more snapshots from torrance - merry christmas friends! i hope you're enjoying this holiday season as much as i am :]


how cute are we?!

this house...i die!

fun fact: it costs an extra $200 in electrical to pay for this - but it's beautiful!