December 7, 2011

girl's night

every month this semester, the girls of the pursuit have been gathering for a time of fellowship, learning, and overall connecting with each other. this vision for college women started over the summer, and with the help and support of erin and dave, 'girl's night' has become a reality for the pursuit!

this past week, we did something a little different for our get-together. as erin and i were brainstorming about december's girl's night a little while ago, we both suddenly looked at each other and said, 'ladies panel!' at the same time, and thanks to her huge help, that also become a reality this past week. i strongly believe in the value of mentorship within the church, listening to the advice of older women and gleaning from their stories and experiences. the three women who shared on monday night were such a huge blessing and i am so thankful for their willingness to build into us young women! over the past few weeks, we've had girls submit questions they might have for these women, and over 2 hours of discussion ensued on monday. i was so impressed by the questions we received, that i have to share just a few:

what piece of advice do you wish you were given when you were younger?
how does your husband reflect 'spiritual leadership' in your relationship?
what does a God-centered relationship look like to you?
as young, single women, what is the most important thing we can be doing with our time?

for myself, i was simply encouraged to enjoy this period of dating, to continue investing my time in the Lord and making my relationship with Him a priority, because marriage will only make that balance even harder! i was reminded of the value of girlfriends and maintaining those relationships. each one of these ladies strongly encouraged us to serve in the church and be involved. i absolutely love hearing people's stories, and God has taken each of these women on unique and special paths. yet, despite our different journeys, His love is absolutely unchanging, His grace and faithfulness unwavering - what an awesome promise! 

[note: these photos were taken at our november girl's night...i forgot my camera this time! shame on me.]

we're so thankful for fabulous mentors like Barb!

i'm so thankful for the ability to fellowship freely and build relationships with all the girls the Lord has placed at Bethany. i can't wait to see what next semester holds!

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