December 22, 2011

i'm having a moment

dear friends,

i'm having a little freak out moment today!

an old family friend of ours just got engaged about a week ago, and i was so happy to see a message from her on FB, but i did not expect what she asked of me - to photograph her wedding next summer! can you believe it?! to be completely honest with you, i feel totally inept to do that. for both of our benefit, i suggested she still hire a professional, but allow me to be the second photographer. that takes a little pressure of me, and also ensures that she'll have quality photos. still though - me?! really? i can hardly believe it. and the feedback and encouragement i've received from friends has been so kind and supportive. hopefully timing will allow everything to work out, but honestly, the thought itself is more than flattering!

when i told T my exciting news, he was so excited for me. his constant support for little pipe dreams of mine, and his belief in my ability is so reassuring. what a blessing to have such a great man by my side and standing behind everything i do.

other than that, i can't decide which i'm spending more time thinking about - christmas day (which is only 3 sleeps away!) or my best friend's bridal shower which i'm planning and hosting. pinspiration is my lifesaver and the help of the bridal party too.

 obviously, i'm going for a rustic theme - mason jars, lace, cans, simple flowers, etc. les wants a coffee & tea bar and a few other things that i'm so very excited about! here's to hoping it's a success!!!

good night tomorrow, the best day of the year will only be 2 days away!

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