March 7, 2013

wedded plans

almost every day some asks me, "so how is planning coming along?" did that drive any of you other brides crazy? believe me, i am so excited for the wedding, and i plan on enjoying every minute of planning - but that's not the only thing happening in my life. really, i'm more excited to just be married, and i could talk for hours about how excited i am to be a wife and to have a husband as wonderful as he will be. the day, is just a day, and sometimes, it's a little stressful. there are some days where i just don't want to talk about it...i want to be here, in the moment, preparing for what's ahead, not caught up in colors and flowers and food. there are some days where i can't talk about it. i'm juggling so many other things right's almost like i'm a guy: i have to compartmentalize between the things i'm thinking about or spending my time with. and you know what i keep thinking? i don't want to miss everything that's happening right here and right now because i'm so excited for that day. there are so many precious lessons we're learning during these months, so many special moments that we get to experience as fiancĂ© and fiancee that we will never experience again. 

ok, rant over. i promise. 

but since i am excited for our wedding day and i am loving the plans, i thought i might share a little of what we've done so far. 

// we have officially booked our venue and our date (but there are some secrets a girl likes to keep ;]) - seriously, YAY!

// we have a photographer, and the best one in the world! seriously guys. the story is a total dream come true, but i'll tell you another time...needless to say, choosing a photographer was the one thing i was the most anxious about, and God made a dream come true. it's purely magical.

// i found the dress! my mom and sister flew down for the weekend, and i was so worried that we wouldn't find the dress while they were here, but God is good, and we did! it's beautiful and so fun. i didn't want to take it off, and i'm dying to see it again. my mom, sister, and MIL-to-be made the day so fun and memorable. i am grateful for them!

// we have a DJ (in mind, just not official yet). T and i have talked a lot about the music we want to have at our wedding. there's something so odd about having such a special and holy day end in what feels like a club scene, and we don't want that. it doesn't reflect us or God at all. we're going to be really careful about the songs that are played, and be ready - because there will be a little country and a little Etta James and Nat King Cole as well!

// i finally finished designing our save the dates, and now it's time to collect addresses! 

// we have the guest list. oh my goodness, how do we know so many people?! thankfully, T and i didn't have to argue with each other or our families about the last at all, so really, the whole process has been great so far! we're just sorry we can't invite every person we know...but, really.

// we have our wedding party and man, are we blessed with some great friends and family! i am so excited to have my 2 sisters, my childhood best friend, one of my closest high school friends, and my college best friend stand by my side. they rock. i'm a lucky girl!

// colors: i've said for a long time that i don't want our wedding to be about just one color. it's a little overwhelming to i'm so indecisive! so we have a wildflower color palette, just earthy, real, and fresh colors. it's going to be so "us."

there are a few other things...but now it's time for the fun stuff! also, have i mentioned how lucky i am to have the best teammate and friend by my side through this process? it is a blessing to be able to plan with T and i am so appreciative of his creativity and interest in this whole process as well. 

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