March 26, 2013

sweet family // the moffitt's

you guys, this is the most delightful and hilarious family you will ever meet. last summer, Kasey took a huge chance on me and asked me to capture her 'morning of' wedding photos. i am so incredibly grateful to her for giving me that opportunity and trusting me to capture everything she wanted. since then, her family has continued to be so supportive and encouraging. 

when Kasey contacted me about taking the annual Moffitt family photos, i literally freaked out - half in excitement, half into a ball of nerves. but the whole family made their entire shoot so enjoyable and so FUN, and i had an absolute blast working with them. i hope these images express the incredible love these people have for each other and the abounding joy which unites them. 

dear Moffitt family, thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for spending such a fun afternoon with me!


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