March 7, 2013

o n e f i v e s e v e n

"if i only had twenty-fours left, i would want to be right with God, and i would want to be perfectly honest and in tune with you."

one of the greatest things about love is the companionship it promises, not only in the good, but through the bad as well.

this past weekend, you were open and real and vulnerable with me in the most honest way. thank you for always desiring to be better for me, for us, and for our God. through your honesty and your struggle, i was the one who was challenged. challenged to always be honest with you, to check my heart, to hold you accountable, to speak truth into your life, to be your prayer warrior. i think you were afraid i might love you less, but you know what? i love you more. and you know what's even more amazing? that's the kind of love Jesus has for us. He has every reason to keep us distant, to punish us, to take His love away. yet, a broken heart and a contrite spirit are a sacrifice to Him; they please Him. and He always extends His grace when we least deserve it. we are drawn closer to Him when we are in the midst of struggle. isn't that incredible? it's overwhelming. 

thank you for inviting me to share life with you, every single piece of it. i am so grateful that we are a team, that we can lean on each other when one is weak, and that together, we draw each other closer to Jesus - the source of our strength, the one who transforms and sustains us. 

thank you for challenging me to evaluate my heart, to check where we're at spiritually. it's so easy to point the finger at everyone else around you, but like you said, change begins with one person. before we can blame anyone else, we have to examine ourselves. 

you're the best friend i've ever had, or ever will have. every day, my love for your grows, and i plan on keeping it that way for a long time, k? 

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