March 22, 2013

senior // jordan resner

last month, during one of those sun-bathed wintery afternoons, i met Jordan for her senior session in Bixby Knolls. let me tell you guys, this girl has the sweetest spirit and the biggest smile, and the joy just poured out of her during the entire time we spent together. Jordan is also a photographer at heart, and it was so neat to not only encourage her in her post-high school goals, but also to pursue photography, either in school or on the side. at some point during the session, Jordan told me, "i just love your style...i want to shoot like you one day." what?! that compliment was so flattering and unexpected, and definitely just the pick-me-up i needed. you never know who you are inspiring.

Jordan is also a skater-girl at heart, so we had so much fun flying around town, from one artsy building to the next. we ended her session at Rancho Los Alamitos, which is a beautiful little oasis in the heart of Long Beach. this girl just rocked the whole session and i am still in love with these images.

Jordan, thank you for sharing an afternoon with me and allowing me to capture these gorgeous photos of you!

this is right about the time i stepped in an ant hill and totally freaked out when i felt things crawling all over my feet! but it gave us a great laugh! =)

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